Fine Dust Environments

Whether it’s fine dust created from a variety of industries such as stockfeed and fertiliser manufacturing, concrete cutting or even fibreglass manufacturing, the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners will handle it. Don’t let that fine dust create health and safety issues for your staff, let a Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner create a healthier and safer work environment for you.

Sucking up fine dust has never been easier with the incredible Big Brute suction power. Let 3 1200W motors create a powerful Big Brute air flow suction up a 63 mm diameter, 15 metre long  industrial hose.  Spend less time cleaning and more time working with a Big Brute as your Industrial Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaner.

Filters designed to handle fine dust

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuums come standard with two Primary Filters to handle fine dust meaning you won’t have to stop so often to clean them while with the additional Extra Large Primary Filter; it will further reduce the fine dust down.

Extra Big Brute HEPA Filtration for ultimate filtration

If you're lookling for a HEPA Filtration Vacuum look at our Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters for high efficiency cleaning and ultimate filtration.

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Our recommended Big Brute set up for the fine dust work environments are:

A Big Brute Popular

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The Big Brute Popular is our trademark industrial vacuum specifically designed to handle industry and suck fine dust from your workplace. The Big Brute popular comes standard with 15 metres of hose allowing you to reach and clean the furthest fine dust in your warehouse without having to move the Big Brute.

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Extra Large Primary Filter

Image result for big brute extra large primary filterThis filter is ideal for use when you’re cleaning extremely fine dusts. By increasing the filtration of the Big Brute, you can clean longer without having to stop to clean the filters and further reduce fine dust down.

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Floor, Wall & Ceiling Kit

Image result for big brute floor wall and ceiling kitLet the Floor, Wall & Ceiling Kit clean every inch of your warehouse including those hard to reach places with a variety of tools to fit your Big Brute. With no tools, nuts or bolts required assembling or disassembling the Kit, simply push together and you’re ready to go.

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For the extremely large fine dust warehouses for continuous use and emptying add the following:

Cyclone Interceptor Lid

The cyclone interceptor was specifically designed to handle fine dust and powders. The cyclone interceptor lid will dramatically reduce the fine dust carried over to the Big Brute and take approximately 90% of the dust and fine powders to fill your own drums or vessels before it reaches the Big Brute.

Simply place the cyclone interceptor lid on your own drum or alternatively on a Big Brute Suck & Dump forklift trolley.

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Big Brute Suck & Dump Cone Base Forklift Trolley

Safely empty fine dusts without any heavy lifting. The Suck & Dump Cone Base Forklift Trolley has 205L capacity and comes with a 200mm bottom discharge trap door. Simply position the trolley over a skip or another vessel when full with your forklift and safely empty the fine dust and powders.





A picture of the complete Big Brute Fine Dust set up (all items listed above) in use around Australia:

Other videos

Recovering Garnet with the Big Brute

1. Recovering Garnet with the Big Brute

The Big Brute is powerful enough to recover garnet and other blast media. The Big Brute Skip Tip trolley makes it safe and easy to empty extremely heavy loads.