Big Brutes improve staff efficiency at Feed Mill

Big Brutes improve staff efficiency at Feed Mill

Mark Low, Mill Manager of Milne Stock Feeds with his two Big Brute Easy Empty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Milne Agri Group has just bought 2 more Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for cleaning the all levels of their Milne Stock Feeds Mill at Welshpool, WA.

Milne Stock Feeds are a major producer of stock feed for the Western Australian stock feeds industry.

Mark Low, Mill Manager, first bought a Big Brute Warehouseman back in November 2010.

After using the Big Brute for several months in the Bag House and it exceeding his expectations, Mark has bought two more Big Brutes with bottom-emptying options for quick, easy and safe emptying.

One of Mark’s new Easy Empty Big Brutes is being used in the Fibre Shed cleaning up large amounts of straw and fibre.

This fibre is then emptied back into their process and also emptied into skip bins.

“I can pick up the Big Brute with my forklift and empty it straight into the skip bin,” said Mark. “This used to take 3 men to clean up but now it only needs 1 to operate and empty the Big Brute.”

Mark’s other Easy Empty Big Brute is being used for general clean up around the Feed Mill.

Mark also bought a hose splitter and two extra lengths of hose, one 15m long, the other 20 m long.

“I can get 2 operators to clean at the same time with the 1 Big Brute,” said Mark. “It’s excellent for cleaning different floor levels on the Feed Mill.”