Big Brute reels in the cotton

Big Brute reels in the cotton

Jill Cheetham of Big Brute Industries Pty Ltd with a cotton bale at Dalby, Queensland

Laurie and Jill of Big  Brute Industries Pty Ltd have just past a cotton gin in Dalby, in the state of Queensland, where the company kindly allowed us to take some photos.

Coming from western Australia we have never seen cotton growing in the wild before.

According to the cotton company, Australia has had its best ever cotton year in terms of production.

The round bales with the yellow covers on weigh 2.5 tonnes each and the stacks with blue covers on weigh 25 tonne each.

We are currently in Emerald in the mid-western region of Queensland. This is a far north as we go and the day after tomorrow we head back down along the coast to do the Ag Show at Toowoomba.

Come and see us and the Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners at the Ag Show, Toowoomba:

Heritage Bank Ag Show

The Heritage Bank Ag Show
Toowoomba, Queensland
4th, 5th and 6th September 2012
Site 462B AR Arena