How to check your Big Brute Filters

How to check your Big Brute Filters

The V39,V39A & V40 Big Brute Filters

The Dry Big Brute models, such as the Big Brute Popular and the Big Brute Warehouseman, have two fabric filters. The V39 (or V39A Extra Large) round filter is placed inside the top of the drum before the power unit is put on. The V40 filter is fixed to the base of the power unit.

V39 (left) and V40 Big Brute Filters

Always use the Filters

Always make sure the V39 round filter is in place before using your Dry Big Brute. Without it, you're relying on the V40 filter to do all the work of protecting your motors. It'll get clogged far quicker, you'll lose suction and it'll take you much longer to clean up.

Check for Holes

Regularly check both the filters for holes. Holes in the filters can let dust through to your motors, causing damage.

If any of the filters are damaged in any way, replace them straight away.

Pay special attention to the zip on the V40 filter on the underside of the power unit. There's a flap on the bottom of the filter under which you'll find the zip. Check that it's done up and isn't damaged. If you can't do it up, you'll need to replace it.

It's easy to replace the V40 filter yourself but note that you'll also need to buy 3 replacement motor gaskets as well - replacing the V40 filter invovles unseating the motors and they're much happier being reseated onto brand new gaskets.

Get in touch with us if you need replacement filters.

Keep the Filters Clean

As you clean up with your Big Brute, the filters trap the dust you're sucking up. Over time, this builds up, reducing the suction and cleaning up takes longer.

To clean the filters, take the power unit off the drum. Leave the V39 round filter in place.

Grab the handle on the filter and shake it up and down, in place, to dislodge the dust and muck on the underside.

Leave the suction hose attached to the spigot while you do this to minimise airborne dust.

Get into the habit of doing this whenever you take the power unit off to keep it clean.

To clean it further, remove the filter and take it outside. Beat it clean with a paddle or against a wall or post. For even better results, clean it with an air compressor.

We recommend you always have a spare V39 filter on the shelf - when one needs cleaning, fit the other so you can vacuum it clean with your Big Brute.

To clean a V39A Extra Large filter, remove the black, plastic insert from inside the filter and clean it in the same way as for the V39. Check that the filter insert isn't mis-shapen or damaged in any way. Remember to put the filter insert back after cleaning the V39A Extra Large filter.

Use an airline in an extraction booth to clean the V40 filter.To clean the V40 filter, remove the power unit.

If you have access to a fume cupboard or extraction booth, use an airline (where safe to do so) to blow the dust from the filter.

Otherwise, use another vacuum cleaner to vacuum the filter clean.

Can I wash my filters?

Absolutely not.

Really, don't even get them wet at all.

Getting the filters wet destroys their filtration properties and you'll have to replace them completely. Clean the filters by shaking, beating or vacuuming them as described above.

Don't ever let your V39, V39A or V40 filters get wet!

Getting spare parts

If you need new or spare filters, or any other spare parts for your Big Brute, they're available from us.

Getting help

If you need any help with any aspect of maintaining your Big Brute, give Laurie or Scott Cheetham a call on 1300 441 281 or by email: