Complete a Big Brute Health Check Before Harvest

Complete a Big Brute Health Check Before Harvest

Used by countless grain farmers, grain receival sites and export terminals for the past 20 years here in Australia (30 in the UK!), the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is the Original Farm Industrial Vacuum Cleaner being used not just here but all over the globe.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners were originally designed for as minimal maintenance as required but like all decent machinery and equipment, a quick service and check is required from time to time to make sure you keep on getting the most out of your Big Brute.

Here's a couple of quick things to check on your Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:


How to check your Big Brute FiltersCare for your Big Brute Filters properly and they should last you a long time. Regularly inspect your V39 Primary Filter (the round one that sits inside the top of the drum) and the V40 Secondary Filter (the square one attached to the bottom of the power unit). Any holes or tears can allow dust through that can damage your motors. 

Your filters should also be cleaned regularly. You can get them back to about 90% efficiency just by giving them a good shake. Take the power unit off the drum and, leaving the filter in place, give it a good shake - the dust will be contained in the drum. Don’t ever wash your filters!

A more detailed explanation of checking your Big Brute Filters can be viewed here


The Big Brutes have 3 independently switched motors which should give years of use. However, your motors can be damaged if you use your Big Brute with holes or tears in your filters.

Sometimes just one motor can fail and you might not notice the decreased suction straight away. If you find one or more of your motors is no longer working, you can replace them individually. Over the years, there have been several versions of Big Brute motor operating at several different voltages. Have a look at the motors in your power unit and look for the motor’s model number.

Warning - Danger of electric shockRemember to always use an electrician when inspecting your Big Brute motors.


Suction Hose

Big Brute suction hose puts up with a lot but damage to it can severely reduce the performance of your Big Brute. If you feel like your Big Bute's losing suction and you've made sure that the filters, drum and power unit are all working correctly, then it's time to check your suction hose. 

Holes along the length of your hose, even tiny ones, can drastically affect the suction of your Big Brute. Air gets sucked in through these holes and not through the business end of the hose. And if there's less air going up the end of your hose, you're going to struggle to clean up as quickly.

A more detailed explanation of checking your Big Brute Suction Hose can be viewed here.

Now that your Big Brute has been checked, would you like to get even more cleaning uses with the same Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner? 

Upgrade to a Warehouseman Kit  

Would you like to use your Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to clean up your fertiliser storage area floors without raising any of that nasty fertiliser dust simply by pushing your Big Brute? Upgrade to a Warehouseman Kit and you can!

The Big Brute Warehouseman Kit is a 710mm wide all steel construction front floor brush which simply clips onto the front of your Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

We can supply a Warehouseman floor brush upgrade kit for Big Brutes on 4-wheeled trollies.

And if you've got a very old Big Brute that has one of the 2-wheeled trolleys, we can even upgrade the trolley to give you that easy movement. Add on the floor brush upgrade and you've got yourself a Warehouseman Big Brute!

Ideal for very large floors or where you've got fine dust on your floors ground up by forklifts or heavy machinery. An online demonstration of the Warehouseman Kit can be viewed here

Floor, Wall & Ceiling Kit

Image result for big brute floor, wall ceiling kitTo clean floors, walls and ceilings, the Big Brute Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit gives you all the tools you need to get every square inch of your buliding clean.

Use the floor tool to clean up smaller floor areas. It's fully adjustable to help glide over even the most uneven of concrete floors, and its wheels make it easy to push.

Use the stainless steel crevice tool to get right into small cracks and gaps. It's ideal for cleaning out grain stores where every scrap of grain has to be removed to avoid pests, or getting into and between machinery to clean them down.

The round brush has soft but firm bristles to help gently dislodge dirt and debris from walls, window sills or machinery during clean down.

And the extension tube makes it easy to reach right up high to clean window sills and ledges without all the hassle of working at height. They're made of aluminium so they're extremely light. Use more than one extension tube to reach up even higher.

Best of all no tools, nuts or bolts are required to assemble and use the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit. Simply push together and you're ready to go. 

Upgrade to Suck & Blow Power Unit

Save carting around your air compressor when cleaning out your harvester and use your Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner instead. The Suck & Blow Power Unit has the same Big Brute suction power but also allows you to clean by blasting a powerful jet of air from the same power unit.

When cleaning combine harvesters it is very useful as you can go from the suction mode to the blow mode in a matter of seconds and so there is no need to take an air compressor out into the paddock with you. The flow rate is 150 litres of air per second at 200 P.S.I. which is strong enough to remove cocky chaff, clean radiators and alternators.