Grain Hygiene and Cleaning

Grain Hygiene and Cleaning

Big Brute Popular with 15m Suction Hose

With record amounts of winter grain being harvested right across the country for 2016/2017, more and more grain is being moved and stored. With an oversupply of grain in the global market, on site grain and pulses storage is becoming more popular.

An increase of grain storage creates a breeding ground for pests in stored grain including weevils and mice.

The first line of defence against grain pests is grain hygiene. 

Meticulous grain hygiene involves removing any grain that can harbour pests and allow them to breed. 

Grain residues in storages or older grain stocks held over from last season provide ideal breeding sites. Even a bag of infested grain can produce more than one million insects during a year, which can walk and fly to other grain storages where they will start new infestations. 

With eradiction methods including fumigation being dangerous, time consuming and not cost effective there is another method available to reduce the problem. Save your grain with an initial prevention rather than a cure when it's too late.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range has been trusted for the past 20 years in Australia to minimise the risk of grain pests. Using a grain shovel and broom is time consuming, primitive and stirs up that itchy fine dust.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner allows you to quickly clean the following for grain growers:

  • Silos and grain storage sites
  • Augers and conveyors
  • Harvesters, chaser bins and field bins
  • Spilt grain around storage areas

For grain receival sites and port terminals, save your staff time with a Big Brute allowing you to clean up the following safely:

  • In and around grain conveyors
  • Storage areas including bunkers
  • Dump pits and receival areas




The top 5 reasons to use a Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning out grain storage sites and grain clean ups are:

  1. Built in the UK for the past 30 years with thousands in use worldwide and hundreds here in Australia.
  2. Specifically designed for the grain and flour industry to handle chaff, grain and itchy fine dust.
  3. Tremendous suction power that lifts dry wheat 90 feet up in the air.
  4. Large capacity vessels meaning you won't have to stop as often to empty when full.
  5. Filters specifcally to handle fine dust which won't block up and save you time.

Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are currently being trusted by the following Australian grain sites:

  • CBH Group, Bunge and Graincorp receival/storage sites and port terminals from Western Australia through to New South Wales.
  • Australia's largest stockfeed manufacturer, Ridley, plus Milne Feeds (WA) and many more stockfeed manufacturers.
  • Several independent grain port terminals on both the west and east coast of Australia.
  • Barley malting facilities in Western Australia & Victoria.
  • Hundreds of grain growers from Western Australia and South Australia through to Queensland and down to Victoria.

To view our recommended Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner models for cleaning up grain, please click here.

Or to watch the largest demonstration of grain clean ups online and see a Big Brute in action for yourself, please click here.

For more information on how a Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner can help you clean up grain and pulses, please contact either Laurie or Scott Cheetham on the following options:

Don't trust anything other than a Big Brute for your grain cleaning needs as quality and experience counts.