You've sucked it up - now what?

You've sucked it up - now what?

With the Big Brute's legendary suction power and big, wide hoses, cleaning up is so easy that before you know it, your Big Brute's full.

Now what do you do with it all?

How you deal with the stuff once you've sucked it up is often just as important as how you're going to suck it up in the first place. It's something we always ask our customers when they first enquire about a Big Brute.

The Big Brute Interceptors may be ideal for you.

Big Brute Interceptors - recover waste into your own drums

A Big Brute Interceptor sits between your suction hose and the Big Brute.

Your Big Brute does all the work sucking everything up. But whatever you suck up collects straight into a separate vessel or drum on the way.


Big Brute Interceptor LidIn its simplest form, a Big Brute Interceptor could be one of your own drums with a Big Brute Interceptor Lid on top.

Everything you suck up goes straight into your own drum - when it's full, seal it up with your own lid and everything you've recovered is ready to forklift straight out.

This can be liquid waste as well as solid waste.

Minara Resources' Murrin Murrin Nickel Mine in Western Australia is using a modified Interceptor Lid to fill their own 80L drums. This allows them to directly fill their own drums with nickel powders which can be reused in their refining process.

By using a Big Brute Interceptor Lid, it eliminates the double handling of material once it has been cleaned up.

Do you have continous amounts of material to be cleaned up?

Big Brute Bulkmaster 1000 InterceptorFor the ultimate in bulk recovery, have a look at the Big Brute Bulk Bin. They hold up to 1 tonne of grain when full and empty quickly into your own skips or high-sided vessels.

They're also easy to move with your forklift or telehandler, making it safe to recover bulk quantities of materials.


 The Big Brute Interceptors also have another big benefit.

Because most of the product being sucked up collects in your own vessel, and not the Big Brute's own drum, the filters within the Big Brute don’t get anywhere near as dirty. This means you can work faster, and for much longer without having to stop and clean your filters.

Are you looking to recover valuable products for reuse, or recycling? Or want to collect waste for special processing?

See how the Big Brute Interceptors and Bulk Bin could help you recover and recycle materials.

To see some more Big Brute Interceptor options, please have a look on page 9 of our catalogue which can be viewed here.