Big Brute Pit Cleaner


Product information

The Big Brute Pit Cleaner model has been designed for operators who are working remotely and cannot get a fork lift on site. The Pit Cleaner can be operated from either the tray of a vehicle or on a trailer.

Once on site the kink proof Big Brute suction hose will allow you to find electrical cables, water pipes, tree roots and telecom cables which are underground. The Big Brute Pit Cleaner comes with 5 - 15 metres of 63mm diameter suction hose allowing you to clean far away from the unit.

By using the V37 1 metre long aluminium scraper tool fitted to the end of the suction hose, you can clean soil and debris from around your work areawithout damaging the cables.

Once your repair has been completed you can release the trap door on the Pit Cleaner and all your sucked up debris will fall out of the Pit Cleaner tank, which can be returned back into your excavation area without need for mechanical tools.

The Big Brute Pit Cleaner model is available in both Dry only or Wet & Dry configurations and both options have a suction tank capacity of 300 litres.

Not doing mobile excavation work?

The Big Brute Pit Cleaner model allows you to clean up any material remotely from the back of a vehicle or trailer. The Pit Cleaner model was designed so any material will be emptied off the side of a vehicle or trailer without any manual handling involved with emptying your material once cleaned up. 

Ideal for any grain handling sites that need to clean any grain or chaff away from the main operating areas.

Compatible with your own existing Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner model

As with all of the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner models, all Big Brute parts are interchangeable with the different models. If you already own a Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, you can use all of your existing Big Brute parts such as Power Units, Filters, Suction Hoses and Tool Kits with the Big Brute Pit Cleaner.

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