Big Brute Leapfrog (Wet & Dry)


Product information

The Big Brute Leapfrog (Wet & Dry) makes it easy to recover both liquid and solid wastes directly into your own drums.

It has all the powerful Big Brute Wet & Dry features, such as massive suction power, huge, effective filtration and a long, big-diameter suction hose.

Simply place the Big Brute Leapfrog (Wet & Dry) onto your collecting drum and start cleaning.

It's ideal for collecting materials that you don't want mixing with others or for the bulk recovery of liquids that can't be spilled or enter drains.

Use it to collect oil from bunds ready for recycling, for example.

The Big Brute Leapfrog comes in just 2 main parts, the power unit/lid, and the filtration section, making it simple to use and easy to store.

It's extra compact too, meaning you can fill your own drums almost to the top, depending on what you're sucking up.

Plus you can add all the Big Brute tools and accessories such as longer hose, handtools, the Floor Wall and Ceiling Kit and the wet & dry hand tools.