Big Brute Barbarian (3-Phase) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Product information

The Big Brute Barbarian 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are the toughest and most powerful Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

The Big Brute Barbarian can withstand the tough industrial conditions they have to work in. Its heavy-duty steel chassis and roll cage let it take all the hard knocks.

This same tough cage houses a range of high performance power units starting from 7.5kW.

The power units can be tailored to suit your cleaning needs, from fine dusts, heavy blast media, sand, oils, sludge and swarf - everything can be catered for.

The Big Brute Barbarian have the ultimate filtration - 3 levels of filtration as standard give you the ultimate protection. HEPA and carbon filtration can also be supplied if required.

The Big Brute Barbarian's massive 200 litre drum is made from 3mm thick steel and yet is easy and safe to empty.

Lower the drum from the main unit ont its wheels using hydraulic rams and then lift it using your forklift or overhead crane to your discharge point.

A discharge flap in the base of the drum allows quick and complete emptying.

The Big Brute Barbarians can be used with a large variety of accessories, which include mobile 1.6mtr³ interceptor skips, HEPA filtration, electric filter shakers (fitted as standard on the larger models), internal separator sieves, hosing and tooling to suit all tasks.

We construct your Big Brute Barbarian to your own specifications and requirements - even using your own company livery.

Watch in action

Big Brute Barbarian 3-Phase

1. Big Brute Barbarian 3-Phase

The Big Brute Barbarian offers the ultimate in 3-phase industrial cleaning.

Big Brute Barbarian 3-Phase (Wet)

2. Big Brute Barbarian 3-Phase (Wet)

The Big Brute Barbarian (Wet) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a 3-phase vacuum cleaner for the ultimate in wet cleaning.