Specialised & Bespoke Applications

Sometimes there just isn't an industrial vacuum cleaner that will do what you want.

We can build it.

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed and built in Cambridge, UK.

If you have a particular cleaning problem, give us a ring. We might be able to suggest a Big Brute that will solve your problem, or we might be able to build you a custom one.

The Big Brute Suck & Tip was designed after we were approached by a company asking if we could design and manufacture a mobile, diesel-powered suction unit for collecting loose palm oil fruits from the ground in Malaysian plantations. The unit is mounted on a diesel-powered 4-wheel-drive ATV and has dual suction units for 2 users to operate simultaneously. It's ideal for agricultural use for collecting palm oil or olive fruits, or in urban areas for collecting wind-blown waste, particularly round land-fill sites.

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Mobile Diesel-Powered Suck & Tip Unit

1. Mobile Diesel-Powered Suck & Tip Unit

The Suck & Tip Mobile is powered by a diesel engine Trashman Fan. It is fitted with a 1 cubic meter tipping collection box.